…new art…

put a few new canvas photography pieces up on the etsy site.




check it out and buy stuff so i can eat foods.

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…ACL is here…

hey y’all.

so we are mid week of the ACL music fest, just before week 2.

I’m not playing it or anything but I just got a quick short story about how much I love this city and the area I live in.

Last week to get away from the massive crowd near my apt(because I live right next to Zilker Park where ACL is hosted) I decided to tag along with my good friend Jenny and help her scout farmer’s markets for a short film that she wrote and will soon be directing. Stocked up on fresh foods, filled up on free samples, drank kambucha tea… Fun. After said fun filled day I went back to my apt and took a long nap. Only to be awoken to the the roar of the crowd which was soon followed by the sweet sweet sounds of the the Cure. I went outside with a beer and listened to their entire set from the balcony of my apt.

Life ain’t bad.


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…and we’re back…

the album is nearly there. we just have a few songs to go.

ukes, guitars, kazoos, squeeze boxes, foot stomps, hand claps, mouth trumpeting… it’s gonna be pure madness.

also, we’re gonna get out there a bit more in the Austin area before the year ends.

and I hope to be a traveling hobo musician by next year. just me and the gear on the road.

until then

-jordan & the star foxes

ps – check out this EP i recorded with my old band “killing lights”. 

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…sxsw is coming…

hey all

so soon sxsw will fall upon us and i’m gonna be hustling my ass off playing shows at whatever place will have me, i guess just like every other night.


there is a new demo up


-jordan and the star foxes

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hello everybody,
lot’s o’ new stuff coming soon from the star foxes camp. new music, this new website, new stories & more shows(hopefully on the east and west coast as well).i’ll be putting up a new song in a couple days after it’s done being mixed.
hope everyone’s 2013 is truckin’.
-jordan & the star foxes
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i am a noise maker who currently lives in the great city of Austin, by way of San Francisco but most recently los angeles. prior to all that i spent the major of my life traveling the world as a renowned treasure hunter. hired by the best to find what thought to be lost.
but after i got all those people killed because of a, what i thought was a well timed, joke. i had to move onto to something else.

now i spend my days sitting in a rocking chair with print of  various flowers and fruit…


… writing music and doodling. mainly doodling. i also watch boxing.


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hooray for music and texas sized burgers!

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